Kids today
07 October 2008

So I was sitting on the subway this morning, minding my own business when two kids got onto the train. Hearing them talking about music, I listened in, as I like to stay in touch with “the youth” of today. I then overheard the following:


Kid 1: Check out this awesome new song I found?

Kid 2: Ok, cool play it. 

(Kid 1 plays Joy Division Shadowplay on speaker from his Ipod Touch). 

Me: (to myself. “WoW! He rediscovered Joy Division!!! WOOHOO!!”) 

Kid 2: Man, this is just a really slow, bad cover of that Killers song.


I nearly threw my bag at them. Ian Curtis died before Brandon Flowers was born. Anne said (and I agree) that I should have said something and put those kids inline. I just glared at them imagining their heads to explode.

Maybe we can band together to start a new non-for-profit, “Preserving Good Music for the Children of the Future”.