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A new waste of time
29 October 2008

MTV has decided to post most of their videos online. I guess they have given up on broadcasting music on TV, but still, this is an amazing site. YOu will definitely find yourself wasting hours here. You have been warned.

MTV Music.com

Some links to get you started:

Big news!
19 October 2008

I thought this deserved more than a simple tweet. Annie and I got married in small private ceremony! Pictures to follow.

(now we will really see who is reading this blog based on the congratulations I receive).

Site update
07 October 2008

Dear readers (or should I say reader):

Soon you will be seeing a site redesign or should I say reorganization. My blog will stay here at the top level www.solidblacksquare.com. Meanwhile, my professional/academic page will be moved to stationarypoint.com. The latter will be a “stationary point” in cyber space as I constantly move through real space. Details to come later. Please keep an eye out on this and the other page and changes occur.

Thank you! m

Kids today
07 October 2008

So I was sitting on the subway this morning, minding my own business when two kids got onto the train. Hearing them talking about music, I listened in, as I like to stay in touch with “the youth” of today. I then overheard the following:


Kid 1: Check out this awesome new song I found?

Kid 2: Ok, cool play it. 

(Kid 1 plays Joy Division Shadowplay on speaker from his Ipod Touch). 

Me: (to myself. “WoW! He rediscovered Joy Division!!! WOOHOO!!”) 

Kid 2: Man, this is just a really slow, bad cover of that Killers song.


I nearly threw my bag at them. Ian Curtis died before Brandon Flowers was born. Anne said (and I agree) that I should have said something and put those kids inline. I just glared at them imagining their heads to explode.

Maybe we can band together to start a new non-for-profit, “Preserving Good Music for the Children of the Future”.