I think I have a problem
24 September 2008

I love writing instruments, not necessarily writing.  I love paper, stationery, notebooks, fountain pens and different inks.  I love writing in my research journal with different colors.  I like writing notes to people when an email would suffice.  I can’t help it; I don’t know why.

 Over the next few weeks, I will write up some reviews of the different notebooks and pens I use which I hope others may find interesting.  If you have any requests, please feel free to email me.These reviews will include modern pens such as the Lamy Safari, Omas Emotic, Namiki Falcon and the Pilot Vanishing point and more vintage pens such as a Waterman’s #2, Parker Vacuumatic and Esterbrook J.  As for paper and notebooks, I hope to cover the Apica journal and original crown mill paper.  We will see how much I cover in my free time; I do have a real day job.

Till next time.