Concert review: T.V. on the Radio
07 September 2008

Industrial barbershop. Sort of like that McDonald’s ad, I would call it “weird, but tasty”. Last night, Anne and I went to the Showbox SODO to see on of the more musical industrial acts around. For more info on this act see this wiki-page.

The venue was nice. An old warehouse type building, refitted with a nice bar, large screen televisions and amazing AC set the scene. After settling down in the over 21 area with matching wrist stamps (see Anne’s blog for pics), we bought some drinks and looked around. The audience was mostly kids with a smattering of old school punks living the cool-life. After a wait, the opening band miles benjamin anthony robinson came on and the music began. The lead singer had this unique, cracky style voice which slowly grew on me and the drummer was by far the most talented member in the band. Still, after a few minutes of listening to them, I felt my toe start to tap a little and my head begin to bop. Not my fave, but they served they purposes in setting the tone of the night.

Finally, what we have all been waiting for. TV on the Radio. As they came on stage, Anne looked at me and immediately commented on how they have really cleaned themselves up. See, 3 years ago, before we were dating, she got us tickets to Franz Ferdinand. Who was the opening act? TV on the Radio of course. Then they were this dirty and smelly group who just rocked out! Last night the lead guitarist cleaned his bird-nest inspiring beard and fro and the singer clearly lost weight. But still, they did not forget how to rock. The set was a good mix of lesser known tracks and their big hits, but as Anne pointed out, it seemed as if they left out some of the “harder-to-sing” pieces. Still, after the encore of their most famous song “Staring at the Sun” I was left we a happy feeling in my stomach and a smile on my face. I will definitely be buying their new album, Dear Science, at the end of the month.